Please find below details of our forthcoming production, which we hope you will  be able to support:

Upham Hall – by Helen Halliday

Our next Café Theatre production is the hilarious comedy “Upham Hall”, written by Helen Halliday, which will be performed on 15 to 18 May 2024 at the Dunn Village Hall, Rushlake Green.

Upham Hall – the comedy that’s got everybody talking! Think Downton Abbey. Think Upstairs Downstairs. Think again!  A hilarious romp through the crumbling British aristocracy of the 1930’s. If you are easily offended… stay away!


AUDITIONS are being held on Sunday 14 January 2024 2-5pm at the Dunn Village Hall, Rushlake Green.

Character List & Audition Pieces

Herbert Darling: 40-70   Energetic character who runs the household. Must have expert comic timing and be able to build a good rapport with the audience. The only character who breaks the fourth wall. An everyman..ex actor able to be all things to all people. 

Pages 3-4 & Page 39 

Lord Cox: 40-70  Irascible war veteran. Cranky and foul mouthed 

Pages 3-4 

Lady Alotta Cox: 40-60 American Heiress. Still attractive and highly sexed. 

Pages 35-36 

The Hon. Indigo Cox:   20-30  Beautiful eldest daughter. Dramatic and Daring. 

Pages 26-27 

The Hon. Ophelia Cox: 20-30  Second daughter. Dreamer, highly impractical and deluded. Must be confident to appear in underwear. 

Pages 36 – 39 

The Hon. Fanny Cox: Youngest Daughter.  Could be played by a boy. Adventurous and wild. 

Pages 33-35 

The Dowager Duchess Dagma: 60 – 80  Hard of hearing and hugely regal. 

Pages 27 – 30 (act 2) 

The Hon. Lord Dicky Large: 30-50.  Overbred, over entitled and over stupid. 

Pages 27-29 

Connie Frigg: The Ladies Maid. 20-40  Sexy and cunning. 

Pages 28-29 

Edna Hole: The Scullery Maid. 20 – 50  Intellectually challenged and a dreamer. 

Pages 9-11 (Act 2) 

Mrs Belcher: The Cook. 30-70    No nonsense, agreeable and matriarch to the downstairs staff 

Pages 10-12 

Ivor Biggun: The Gardener. 30 – 60   Ambitious Dreamer who fancies himself an actor. 

Pages 12-13 

Old Peg: A Gypsy: Any Age. Good character actress needed. 

Pages 14-16 

Mr Skinner: The Gamekeeper. Any Age. Character actor for this small but meaty part! 

Page 19 (act 2) 

Little Willy: Minghita: Traverse: Herman The German:  any age but must be good at accents and happy to multi role! 

Pages 24- 25 (act 2) 

Download audition pieces here.